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There are many possible ways to heat your floor, but which one is best suited for you?

Find out the answer in this well written and very concise guide that covers the following topics and many more :

  • Electric vs Hydronic

    If you've looked at heated floors you've probably encountered these features. But which one is best? And which one suits your project?

  • Is my floor compatible with heating?

    Find out if your floor is compatible with the different heating systems. We've checked all floor coverings and installation surfaces for you! Plywood, Ceramic, Concrete... it's all here!

  • Radiant heating vs. ambiant heating

    Underfloor heating uses radiant heat, which typically consumes less energy. Discover why and how!

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Why should you download the guide?


Avoid Expensive Mistakes

Most of the floor heating systems are very durable, as long as people choose the right ones and install them correctly. This guide teaches how to easily avoid common pitfalls.


Get the Best Type of Floor Heating

There are 2 types of floor heating systems who each have their pros & cons... In this guide, we compare their respective upfront cost, maintenance fees, space required, warranty, etc.


Optimize your Energy Consumption

While traditional systems are controlled by thermostats and blow hot air in the room, floor heating systems use the solid mass of the floor to store & radiate heat throughout the room. Discover what it means in terms of energy efficiency!

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