ProtecTHERM  - Protection against pipe freeze 

Sturdy, flexible and perfectly adapted to take on unforgiving winter storms, ProtecTHERM heating cables are suitable for metallic and plastic pipes. Wrapped around pipes or traced in straight lines on pipes running outside and in non-heated installations, the ProtecTHERM heating cables prevent liquid from freezing in the pipes.


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  • Cables resistant to damage caused by UV rays
  • Sturdy, flexible and easy to install
  • Available in bulk and "cut to order" format for more flexibility
  • Also available in a preassembled format (120V cable has a plug and pilot lamp, 240V cable requires a power connection in a junction box)
  • Self-regulating: they produce more heat only when needed
  • Suitable for plastic and metallic pipes
  • Complete line of accessories and components availale for the installation and power connection, when needed
  • Require no maintenance
  • 3 year limited warranty
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