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Our ProtecTHERM de-icing products

ProtecTHERM self-regulated heating cables are your trusted ally to protect you against the harsh winter weather and its potential hazards. Developed for two distinct applications, that is roof and gutter de-icing as well as pipe freeze protection, these ultra resistant cables can take on the coldest temperature and prevent issues relating to long iceicles hanging from gutters or problems caused by frozen pipes. Available in 120V and 240V, they are offered in a preassembled, bulk and cut-to-length format. Protect yourself with ProtecTHERM.
A resistant cable for ultimate protection
  1. Outer jacket
  2. Braid
  3. Resistive core
  4. Bus wires
  5. Inner jacket

One cable for two distinct applications

Roof and gutter de-icing

Protect your roof and gutters from ice and snow and say goodbye to damages, water infiltrations and long threatening icicles.

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Pipe freeze protection

Avoid costly and frustrating damage caused by frozen pipes by installing ProtecTHERM cables on your pipes.

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ProtecTHERM accessories

A complete line of poducts is available to support the installation of ProtecTHERM cables designed for roof and gutter de-icing and pipe freeze protection. Whether you have to secure a cable to a roof, complete a power connection or even a splice, we have what you need, including the necessary controls to set the temperature.

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