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The Green Cable Surface XL, the ideal complement to uncoupling membranes

With its constant diameter at every length, the Green Cable Surface XL is not only the perfect complement to uncoupling membrane installation systems, but it can also be installed with traditional gauges.


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Starting at $3.49 / ft2

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Advantages of the Green Cable Surface XL

  • Compatible with uncoupling membrane installation systems
  • Installation also possible with FLEXTHERM's Universal Snap-in Gauge and FLEXSnap+ installation system
  • Compatible with ceramic and natural stone floor coverings
  • Robust sheath with a constant diameter
  • Energy savings up to to 28%*
  • Free of electromagnetic fields**
  • Does not dry the air or spread dust and germs
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Designed for installation in wet environments
  • Lifetime warranty when installed by a FLEXpert certified installer or a FLEXboutik through a certified instaler (otherwise the standard 25 year limited warranty applies)

*In a room heated by a FLEXTHERM floor heating system.
**Based on the installation instructions included in our FLEXTHERM installation guide, the recorded EMF measurement is considered insignificant (between 0.25 mG and 0.5 mG).

Which floor coverings are compatible with this product
Ceramic and natural stone


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