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FLEXSnap+ and FLEXSnap-R+ for maximum strength

Synonymous with flexibility, strength and speed, FLEXSnap+ is the ultimate system that allows the installation of a floor heating system and floor covering in a single day!

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Advantages of FLEXSnap+ and FLEXSnap-R+

  • The only floor heating installation system that is compatible with self-levelers
  • Allows for the installation of a heating cable and floor covering in a single day
  • Large 24 in x 24 inch FLEXSnap mesh and 4 ft x 40 ft FLEXSnap-R+ roll ensure a fast installation
  • Protects the cable from damage during and after the installation
  • Optimized for all FLEXTHERM surface cable lengths and sizes
  • The only installation system that replaces a second subfloor and allows the use of self-levelers
  • Installation while standing thanks to the FLEXGlide tool; simply screw it into the end of a standard handle (such as a broom), insert the Green Cable Surface or Green Cable Surface XL into it before inserting the cable into the FLEXSnap+ mesh
  • Allows for the more uniform transition between a tiled heated floor and an adjacent natural hardwood floor
  • Approved for installation with all self-levelevers as well FLEXTHERM approved mortars (click here to see all approved products)
  • 5 year limited warranty
Which floor coverings are compatible with this product
Ceramic and natural stone

When installing with a mortar OR self-leveler

Floating floor

When installing with a self-leveler only

Engineered wood

When installing with a self-leveler only


When installing with a self-leveler only

Vinyl and linoleum

When installing with a self-leveler only

Carpet (wihtout rubber backing or carpet padding)

When installing with a self-leveler only

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