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The Concrete Mat Xpress for strength and reliability

By pairing the sturdiness and performance of the Green Cable Concrete and the simplicity of a self-adhesive backing, the Concrete Mat Xpress is the ideal choice for any installation embedded in concrete. Simply unroll over the insulation under the concrete slab or over plywood under a concrete topping and you're done.


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Starting at $2.02 / ft2

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Advantages of the Concrete Mat Xpress

  • Designed specifically to be buried in concrete
  • Mat with self-adhesive backing for easy installation under a concrete slab or under a minimum 1.5 inch thick concrete topping
  • Increased thermal mass effect and heat is spread more evenly thanks to the increased heat storing and releasing capacity of the concrete mass
  • Compatible with most floor coverings
  • Energy savings of up to 28%*
  • Free of electromagnetic fields**
  • Does not dry the air or spread dust or germs
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Designed for installation in a wet environment
  • Lifetime warranty when installed by a FLEXpert certified installer or a FLEXboutik through a FLEXpert (otherwise the standard 20 year limited warranty applies)

    *In a room heated by a FLEXTHERM floor heating system.
    **Based on the installation instructions included in our FLEXTHERM installation guide, the recorded EMF measurement is considered insignificant (between 0.25 mG and 0.5 mG).
Which floor coverings are compatible with this product
Ceramic and natural stone

Floating floor

Engineered wood


Vinyl and linoleum

Carpet (without rubber backing or carpet padding)

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