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Our floor heating products

Durable and affordable, FLEXTHERM's top quality radiant floor heating systems are the ideal heating solution and guarantee for exceptional comfort. Whether you use them as a main or secondary heat source, the systems are perfect for every type of room or building as part of a new construction or renovation project. Energy efficient, free of electromagnetic fields and requiring no maintenance, our products represent a sound choice for your health and well-being. You simply have to try them to want them everywhere!

What is a heated floor composed of?
  1. Floor covering
  2. Glaze with mortar
  3. Mortar or self-leveler
  4. FLEXTHERM heating cable or mat
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Surface type cables and mats

Green Cable Surface

Versatile and compatible with most floor coverings, the Green Cable Surface perfectly fits all room shapes and sizes to offer maximum radiant heat power and optimal comfort.

Starting at $2.53 / ft2

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Green Cable Surface XL

Robust yet flexible, the Green Cable Surface XL offers all the advantages of our renowned Green Cable Surface, in a format that is compatible with uncoupling membrane installation systems.

Starting at $3.49 / ft2

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Green Cable Mat

Easy to install thanks to its self-adhesive backing, the Green Cable Mat is the ideal choice for regular shaped rooms free of obstacles. Simply unroll and you're done.

Starting at $7.61 / ft2

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Cables and mats embedded in concrete

Concrete Mat Xpress

Designed to be installed directly on the insulation under the concrete slab during a new construction or under a concrete topping, the Concrete Mat Xpress is appreciated for its easy installation thanks to its self-adhesive mat. It simply has to be unrolled and it will use the thick mass of concrete to store and release the most amazing radiant heat.

Starting at $2.22 / ft2

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Green Cable Concrete

Specially designed to be embedded directly in the concrete slab during a new construction or under a concrete topping when installed over a plywood subfloor, the Green Cable Concrete uses the thick concrete mass to store heat and radiate it evenly and comfortably in the room.

Starting at $2.02 / ft2

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Installation system


The one-of-a-kind revolutionary FLEXSnap+ is the only floor heating installation system compatible with self-levelers.

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