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Modern, attractive and easily programmable? The INSTINCT thermostat really has everything to charm you!
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Not only will you be seduced by its attractive, chic and discrete design as well as its modern backlit screen, but you will also be surprised and impressed by its quick and intuitive programming while customizing it to a comfort level that meets your needs and lifestyle. This thermostat is offered preprogrammed for convenience based on typical usage; you can keep these settings, change them or even choose the manual mode. With FLEXTHERM’s INSTINCT thermostat, control is at your fingertips!

Advantages of the INSTNCT thermostat

  • Two extremely precise temperature sensors: one for the ground (probe) and the other for the ambient air
  • Two modes: automatic (4 events) or manual
  • Pre-programmed for convenience with quick setup and easily programmable if needed
  • Adaptive function (early start) to determine when the system needs to activate to reach the desired temperature based on your specific environment
  • Up to four temperature adjustments (events) can be programmed per day (5:2 or 7:0)
  • Energy monitoring feature provides data over 24 hours and 30 days
  • Protection against malfunction ensured by a built-in ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI)
  • Display modes: °C or °F, 24 h or 12 h
  • 3 year limited warranty


Automatically lowering the temperature of your home at night (when you are sleeping) generates substantial savings while helping you do your part for the environment.

Combine a programmable electronic thermostat with a floor heating system for major savings in money and energy. According to ENERGY STAR, using the programming function alone generates annual savings of around $180.

Lowering the temperature by 1 °C for an eight-hour period generates energy savings of 2%. For example, if you program the thermostat to lower the temperature by 5 °C when you are at work and during the night, you reduce your energy consumption by 20% (5 °C x 2% x 2 eight-hour periods) over those periods. Since the temperature is lower when you are not at home or while you sleep, you save energy and money without compromising on comfort.

Modern, attractive and also easy to program, the INSTINCT thermostat really has everything to make you succumb to its charm!