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I have just finished installing a new radiant floor system in our lower level of our house. The FlexSnap and Flextherm system was a pleasure to work with. More importantly, your support staff was simply outstanding! Thanks for all the help.


Andre Leblanc
North Bay

Thank you very much for the information. I am very pleased to see that there is a large selection of distributors and installers. All the best!!

Lorraine Buchanan

Thank you very much for the information, and special thanks to Nathalie [customer service] for sending us the details so efficiently and quickly.

All the best

Marc-André Côté

My wife and I were just discussing how absolutely amazing it is to have a warm floor and the room to be so comfortable. No furnace coming on and off, no significant room temperature variances, the tile floor is just warm and comfortable. I had no idea how great the radiant electric floor is.

I take great pride in the fact that I installed most of it myself with the help of my two sons, Bevin who we live with and Brad who "talked" us into using Flextherm.

I wish to thank you (Flextherm employees) so much for your patience and help. No matter how uninformed I was, you were very patient with me and always available to help. With our three HRV units, which we seldom use at this time, we have an extremely comfortable home. I had no idea, having built 6 houses that technology had progressed so far. Thank you again.

Brent McMullin
Surrey, BC

A short e-mail to share our gratitude with you: the installation of our floor heating system went very smoothly thanks to your advice and your… patience. We began to use our system in mid-June, after we made sure that the dry-set mortar and cement-glue had cured. Nearly four months have passed since then and there is only one word that can describe this type of heating system: wonderful! The temperature in our home has never been so comfortable. And since we run a bed and breakfast out of our home, all of our guests can enjoy it as well. To sum it up, it is a real source of pleasure for everyone!

Many thanks to you for your generous assistance and... Long live floor heating systems and FLEXTHERM!

Ninon Marty and Louise Gauthier

I have been in the tile & stone trade for 28 years now. Back in the day, in-floor heat was predominately hydronic, which meant wire mesh and floating mud floors. It was costly, labor intense and physically demanding. I have put in many mat and mesh systems and have spent more time with a pair of snips cutting, turning and flipping mats only to have to do it again when the mat was too large for the designated room. Flextherm is the answer! Lay out the wagon wheels (installation gauges), string the wire and continue to skim coat, or start the floor installation. It's almost too easy and time-saving!

Jim Stearle
JFS Tile & Stone LLC
Milwaukee WI

We installed your product in our bathroom this summer and are really amazed by the results of this floor heating system! Your product has won me over. Warm feet on ceramic, which is normally cold, is such a great feeling! We have since sold our house and are starting to build a new one. I am going to fax you another request for a quote because we want floor heating systems in almost every room in the house.

Thanks and congratulations on this extraordinary invention!!

Nathalie Lalonde

Thank you for your quick reply. It is wonderful to do business with a company that offers a customer service as good as its product.

Thanks again,

Dale Christensen

I have had a warm kitchen floor for many years, but last spring the system stopped working. I placed a call to Flextherm customer support in late October and had the good fortune to connect with (Customer Service Representative) Anik Depelteau. She was fantastic and stayed on the phone to guide me through diagnostics for several minutes. When it was determined that the unit needed replacing she handled all the details.

Such good customer service is rare these days and must be commended when it is offered. Many Thanks to Anik, and Flextherm.

I thought you should know how impressed I am with your organization. My kitchen is warm again and my wife is very happy.

Many Thanks,

Howard Sklivas
Ottawa, Ontario

I had your FLEXTHERM floors systems installed in 3 rooms in my new townhouse and they are absolutely the best addition I could have made to my home. I've had an opportunity to use them all winter and it's been cold up here. I've really put them through their paces. They're fast, efficient, inexpensive to operate and easy to activate. You need to get more builders dialed into this technology - people will love it..

Tom Basinski
Getzville, NY

We have performed many Flextherm floor heating systems in the past. We recently used the new FLEXSnap System which was amazing. It saved a tremendous amount of time and labor. What a great new system!


Leo Lantz
President, Leo Lantz Construction Inc.
Glen Allen, VA