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We drew inspiration from nature when designing FLEXTHERM floor heating systems. As the heat from the sun warms the Earth’s surface, rocks, buildings and other objects, our systems heat your living space by releasing soft, enveloping warmth. Since our systems do not overheat the air, you will enjoy a healthy environment and consume up to 28% less energy.

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28 percent

Green Cable Surface

Fits all room shapes, offers maximum heating power and is compatible with most floor coverings

Green Cable Surface XL

The ideal complement to uncoupling membranes

Green Cable Concrete

Installed in the concrete slab during construction and meets the comfort needs of the most demanding consumers.

Concrete Mat Xpress

Installing a floor heating system in concrete has never been so… xpress.

Green Cable Mat

Designed for obstacle-free square and rectangular rooms

FLEXSnap+ and FLEXSnap-R+

Allows for maximum floor strength and much more


The ideal solution for roof and gutter de-icing


The ideal ally in the protection against frozen pipes

Programmable Thermostat

Save money with the programmable electronic thermostat

Non-Programmable Thermostat

Achieving comfort has never been so easy than with the non-programmable electronic thermostat

Instinct Connect

Ultimate control wherever you are via your smart phone, tablet, laptop or computer.

Expansion Units

The expansion units are specially designed for large rooms


the FLEXSnap installation system, which allows you to install a floor heating system, from subfloor to finished floor, in a single day

Our Products

Why Flextherm

FLEXTHERM has been considered a leader in the floor warming and heating industry for over 20 years. From a small company at the beginning, FLEXTHERM now has 50 employees, operates a modern and innovative 28,000 ft2 plant and houses a R&D department on site. The company manufactures all of its products in its plant and is committed to a strict quality control.

The company is supported by a customer service team that offers a quote and project assessment service, as well as a powerful sales network that promotes products throughout Canada and in the United States.

Since its creation, FLEXTHERM keeps innovating, progressing, improving its products and creating new ones. Its concern for utmost quality and improvement and its sincere desire to satisfy its clientele help FLEXTHERM maintain an enviable position as a world-leading manufacturer. Reinventing the floor warming and heating systems industry, that’s FLEXTHERM’s objective.

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